New Meeting Location for 2016

We have a new permanent meeting site for 2016. Beginning in January of 2016, we’ll be at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church at 456 Woodman Drive in Dayton.  The meeting continues to be at the same time and date, 7:00 P.M. on the 1st Thursday of the month (except for December).  Come be our guest at our next meeting and join the fun – we’d love to see you.

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October 1 Meeting back at Wright Memorial Library, Oakwood

Our October 1, 2015 we’ll be at the Wright Memorial Public Library at 1776 Far Hills Drive in Oakwood; check back to see where we settle in November.  Come join the fun – we’d love to see you.

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It’s that time again, time for the club’s fun quarterly auction. For the sellers, dig out your extras, you “used to collect these’s”, and such and bring them down to the meeting. Remember, the club doesn’t charge you anything for this – you just have to be a member to participate.  It’s a good idea for the sellers to get there early so they can make the list of the items they wish to sell for our friendly auctioneer to use.

It wouldn’t be an auction without buyers. This is a great way to pick up some needed items for your collection, and there’s a good chance you’ll find some bargains. If you’re not a member, no problem – just bring $8 for the annual dues and we’ll sign up on  the spot. See everyone there!

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May 7 Meeting at Kettering Rec

Our interim location at the Wright Memorial Library in Oakwood was not available, so we have an interim interim location for our upcoming meeting. Join us at 7:00 pm on Thursday, May 7 at the Kettering Recreation Complex, 2900 Glengarry Drive in Kettering. In June we’ll be back at Wright Memorial. Click here for a map.


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February Meeting Wrap Up – WOW


We had a great meeting on February 5, our last meeting at the Town and Country shopping center. Big attendance with some new members, a nice presentation on the transitional cent coinage of 1909, and our best auction yet, with some high value items mixed in with the more moderate stuff (proof 1872 2-cent piece, anyone?). We do the auctions every three months, so the next one is in May. Club members can bring in their coins, etc. and they’re auctioned off to other club members. Another good reason to join.

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We’re Moving!

The Town and Country Shopping Center, our home for a number of years, is getting ready for a major remodeling. As a result, the club is in search of a new home for our monthly meetings; if you have a candidate (available the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:00, can seat 50 or so, good for presentations, is low or no cost, located in the Kettering or thereabouts area) get in touch with us at

In the meantime, we’ve got a temporary location for our March and April meetings. We’ll be at the Wright Memorial Public Library, 1776 Far Hills in Oakwood. Same great meeting, just a new location. See you there!

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2015 Coin Show Scheduled for March 1!

The Dayton-Kettering Coin Club’s 2015 Coin Show, Dayton’s premier numismatic event, is coming up fast! The show is scheduled for March 1 at the I.U.E. Hall on Woodman Drive from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Click on the 2015 Show page above for more details, including show applications for our dealer friends. Put it on your calendar today!

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Clark County Show on Sunday, November 9

Our friends at the Clark County Coin Club are having their coin show this coming Sunday, November 9th from 10 am to 3pm  at the Windy Knoll Golf Course located at 500 Roscommons and Bechtle Rd. in Springfield. Here’s the map - hope you can get out and support the hobby.

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Coin Show Covered by WKEF

John Eckman from Dixie Coin and Stamps did an excellent job in an interview with Rhonda Moore from WKEF TV promoting our upcoming coin show. Great job getting the word out!

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That’s One Big Penny


Numismatists like to think that coins are all about us; we’re the only ones paying attention. Not true – coins often pop up in popular culture, song titles, well worn cliches, and a million other places.

A good example of that is a new restaurant that recently opened in Dayton. Wheat Penny Oven & Bar features California style pizzas made with a host of quality ingredients; haven’t eaten there yet, but the menu looks interesting.

Of course, from a coin collectors point of view, it’s the name that snags us. The huge (and well done) depiction of the reverse of the Lincoln Cent of 1909-1958 also grabs your attention. If you haven’t seen it, cruise by 515 Wayne Avenue and take a look. Better yet, stop by and get yourself some pizza. Hmmm, a possible site for the club’s holiday dinner this coming December?

I wonder if they have Buffalo Nickel Wings?


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Annual Club Show March 2!

S Wild token Dayton OH

The Dayton-Kettering Coin Club’s annual show is almost upon us. We’re scheduled for March 2 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Check out the show page for more information!

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Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Mandela Congressional Gold Medal c

The world is full of important people, but there are very few great men. Nelson Mandela was recognized with a Congressional Gold Medal authorized in 1998.

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Club Donates Books to Library



The Dayton-Kettering Coin Club, with the help of the Central States Numismatic Society, has again purchased an incredibly diverse and interesting collection of numismatic books and donated them to the Dayton Metro Library. The club wants to give our members and the general public access to wide range of information about coin collecting; what better way then to put them on the shelves of our well run local library system for everyone’s enjoyment. Central States generously reimburses the DKCC for the bulk of the money spent on the project – what a win/win for everyone!


Here’s the list of the DKCC’s 2013 donation:

A Guide Book of United States Type Coins

A Guide Book of flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents

The Authoritative Reference on Lincoln Cents

Complete guide to Buffalo Nickels

The Complete guide to Mercury Dimes

Standing Liberty Quarters

Complete Guide Washington Quarters

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar

A Guide Book of Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars

Carson City Morgan dollars

Handbook of 20the Century United States Gold Coins 1907-1933

Numismatic History of Mexico

Bryan Money

100 Greatest American Medals and Tokens

Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins

100 Greatest U.S. Error Coins

Renaissance of American Coinage 1905-1908

Renaissance of American Coinage 1909-1915

Renaissance of American Coinage 1916-1921

Coin Chemistry including preservation and cleaning

Obsolete Paper Money Issued by Banks in the United States 1782-1866

100 Greatest American Currency Notes

America’s Money, America’s Story: A Chronicle of American Numismatic History

The books should soon be on the shelves of the Wilmington-Stroop branch of the Dayton Metro Library system, located at 3980 Wilmington Pike. But don’t let the location hold you back from checking out the books you want. Visit the Dayton Metro Library website and you can reserve your books and pick them up at your local branch. Happy reading from DKCC!

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US Currency Expert Don Kelly at 7/11 meeting

mckinley 1903 note







Wow – we had a bunch of members show up for the June meeting; great to have everyone there. Thanks to Tim for presiding in my absence.

As Independence Day falls on the first Thursday of July this year, our July meeting will be on July 11 instead. Same time (7:00) and same location (Town and Country Shopping Center Community Room).

We have an excellent speaker lined up for the meeting. Don C. Kelly is a nationally known expert and dealer in United States currency, hailing from nearby Oxford, Ohio. He’s the author of National Bank Notes: A Guide with Prices . Don will be speaking on the subject of National Bank Notes, a popular and fascinating part of United States currency collecting. I suspect this will be one of the more popular presentations for the club this year.

Since we want to get the full benefit of Don’s presentation, he’ll be starting his talk right at the crack of 7:00. I suspect this will be one of the more popular presentations this year, so I would encourage all members to arrive early to guarantee a seat. If you have collecting friends who would be interested in Don’s talk, please invite them along.

After Don’s talk, we’ll conduct the regular meeting. I’ll have rolls and singles of the 2013 Native American dollar coin from Philly and Denver for distribution to interested members. I’m only planning on getting ten rolls of each; the 2012 issues were very popular with club members (I ran out!) and I expect this year’s to go just as fast. If you want to reserve yours, feel free to send me an e-mail.

I still have several P & D rolls of the William McKinley Presidential dollars left. If you would like any of these, I’ll have them at the meeting. What’s left afterwards will be going to the bank. In August, we should have Teddy Roosevelt dollars available.

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Presidential Inaugural Medals

washington inaugural 1789

For the 57th time since George Washington took the oath of office at Federal Hall in New York City in 1789, we’ve celebrated the quadrennial inauguration of a president, in this case the second inauguration of our 44th president, Barack Obama. The inauguration is rich in tradition, with the gathering of dignitaries, the pomp of the ceremony, the eloquence of the inaugural address, and the sense of a fresh start as our republic begins a new cycle of leadership.

obama inaugural 2013 4

For the numismatic community one of the highlights of the inauguration is the inaugural medal. The modern version of the medal dates to William McKinley, and every president since has had one. Some are truly works of art while others are, well, maybe a bit routine. All are souvenirs of their time and are avidly collected by a small but steady band of enthusiasts. To take a look at the modern inaugural medal, check out Joe Levine’s website, History of the Official Inaugural Medal.

2013 official inaugural medal

The official inaugural medal for 2013 was sculpted by Peer Hansen and struck by the Medalcraft Mint. Coin World ran an informative article in January.  Joe Levine’s Presidential Coin & Antique C0., Inc. would be happy to sell you a bronze, silver, or gold version of the medal; click here for more information.

kahn 2013 inaugural medalFinally, sculptor Amy Kann has created her own inaugural medal for 2013. While not the official medal, it is a very attractive work. Amy is funding the project via Kickstarter, an on line funding community. If you back the project at a certain level, you get the medal. If you back it at a high enough level, she’ll put you on a medal! Very cool!

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Coin Club Show Sunday, March 3

The Dayton-Kettering Coin Club’s Annual Show is coming up fast! We’re scheduled for Sunday, March 3, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the I.U.E. Hall located at 1675 Woodman Drive in Dayton (here’s the map). The 2012 show was well attended by both dealers and collectors, and we want to make the 2013 show even better. Dealers or others interested in having a table should contact our friend John Eckman of Dixie Coins and Stamps as soon as possible to get an application and guarantee your spot -you can reach John at 4722 South Dixie Drive, Dayton, OH 45439, 937-294-0601, . Collectors should be working on their wish lists for the biggest annual numismatic event in Dayton.

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General Schwarzkopf Congressional Gold Medal

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, famed commander of the Desert Shield and Desert Storm campaigns, died this week at the age of 78. In 1991 the United States Congress honored General Schwarzkopf by passing legislation awarding him the Congressional Gold Medal. In the modern era, Congress usually authorizes the United States Mint to sell bronze copies of the recipient’s medal; such was the case with the Schwarzkopf medal. The medal has not been available from the mint for many years, but the 3 inch diameter and 1 1/2 inch diameter medals can occasionally be found on e-bay and other sources. For a history of the Congressional Gold Medal and a list of the medals issued, click here.

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Clark County Show November 11 in Springfield

The always worthwhile Clark County Coin Club Semi-Annual Coin Show will be held on Sunday, November 11 from 10/;00 AM to 3:30 PM at the Springfield Youth BB Association Building at 432 S. Burnett Road in Springfield. The Clark County club puts a good amount of work into their shows – show your support by attending!

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President Benjamin Harrison at October 4 Meeting

Well, not exactly our 23rd President himself (he’s been occupying an Indianapolis cemetery since 1901) but the new dollar coin recently issued in his honor. The club will have a limited number of rolls of both the Philadelphia and the Denver coins available for purchase at $29 per roll, and will have single examples available for $1.50 each. If you would like yours, they will go on a first come, first served basis at our upcoming October 4 meeting.

Did you know that the oldest sound recording of a President is of Harrison speaking in 1889? Click here to hear a bit of history.

We also have a few rolls and singles of the Grover Cleveland 1st  Term dollars left. They will make a final appearance at the October 4 meeting before departing. $29 each, or $1.50 per single. Last chance!

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What’s it Worth? Coin Club at Huber Heights Library Oct. 13

Got a mess of old silver dollars grandma left you, a bunch of strange foreign money someone brought back from an overseas trip, or maybe a peculiar coin you got in change and have held on to? Want to know what it ‘s worth and learn more about coin collecting? You’re in luck! The Dayton-Kettering Coin Club is bringing it’s very popular presentation on figuring out what your coins are worth and getting started in coin collecting to the Huber Heights branch of the Dayton-Metro library at 6160 Chambersburg Road from 2:00 to 4:00 on Saturday, October 13. Club members will give you a short overview of American coins, answer your questions, and then sit down with you to see what you have and help you figure out it’s value. The presentation is free and open to the public, but seating is on a first come basis.

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