The Red Book Quiz

By Q. David Bowers from his book Inside The Rare Coin Marketplace: Secrets To Being A Smart BuyerCoin Collecting Miami Valley, Oh

Are you up on numismatic trivia? Try this quiz. Answers will be posted at the February 1, 2018 club meeting and on this website after the meeting.

Answers Below

  1. What did Glenna Goodacre do?
  1. Why is February 28, 1878, numismatically important?
  1. When was a bison depicted on a Jefferson nickel?
  1. What early American coin is called the “Baby Head” variety?
  1. Why were there no Liberty Seated coins in circulation in New York City in 1851?
  1. Where did John Chalmers privately mint coins?
  1. Why is David Parsons, a University of Wisconsin student, mentioned in the Guide Book?
  1. What does S.M.V. on the reverse of certain private gold coins mean?
  1. What commemorative half dollar was struck at the San Francisco Mint, but had the S mintmark inadvertently omitted?
  1. From what date was an obverse die altered to read 1804 for a “restrike” cent?


1. She designed the obverse of the 2000 Sacagawea Dollar.

2. For the Bland-Allison Act that authorized the Morgan Dollar.

3. 2005

4. A certain 1786 Vermont copper.

5. At the time their melt value was more than their face value and speculators withdrew them from commerce.

6. Annapolis, Maryland.

7. He designed the obverse of the 1936 Wisconsin half dollar.

8. Standard Mint Value.

9. 1925 Fort Vancouver

10. 1803.

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