The Different Uses of The Word “Coin” & Other Money Terms

When you hear the word “coin” what does it mean? In the English language we use the word “coin” many different ways.

coin collecting Dayton, OH

Have you ever heard…?
To coin a phrase
2 sides of the same coin
Flip a coin
A coin of the realm
Toss a coin in the fountain (if in Rome, use your right hand & throw the coin over your left shoulder)
Make some fine coin (as in make a lot of money)
Phony as a $3 bill
Drop a dime on someone (turn them in for something they did)
Insert a coin (into a vending machine)
Chocolate coins (foil-wrapped candy)

Money Slang
$1 bills – also known as ones, singles, bucks
$5 bills – a fiver or a fin
$10 bill – a ten-spot or a sawbuck
$100 bill – a C-note

How about these different names for money?

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