Collecting Suzie B’s Could Be Golden

There’s good news and bad news about building a collection of Susan B. Anthony dollars. The good news is that there are no rarities. Also it is relatively inexpensive to build a complete set.

The bad news is the series is short, and except for the Wide Rim (Near Date) 1979-P, there are no significant varieties.

But what about that Wide Rim 1979-P?

coin collecting, Susan B Anthony

Did you know that the Wide Rim was a planned coin, not a true variety? After receiving numerous complaints about the dollar coin being easily mistaken for a quarter, the Mint thought that by making the rim wider, it would make the coin more distinguishable from the quarter.

Yeah, that really worked, didn’t it?



In 1999, some Anthony dollars were struck on Sacagawea “golden” planchets. Only about a dozen are known to exist. They are valued between $12,000 and $15,000. Makes you want to double-check all those golden Sacagawea dollars you come across, doesn’t it?

coin collecting, Susan B Anthony

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